The guy showed a girl who she really is ...

Many people do not properly understand this movie. Just a guy love her too much  and she does'n! So he did such things. After all, happiness is not about money when you love. And sell soul to the devil just for one night with the one you love muc! I fell in love with a girl when she was 16 years old and I was 19. I spoke with her, kiss her, but could not sleep because she is like a flower that could only just touch but do not break it. After service in the army, a lot of letters, snatched for her vacation!I came, spoke and understood between us that some sort of face at the time she was a student! And I thought that she had someone appeared. I just let her go. I understand that it is not  mine enymore.iI have tryied to forget her, but it was too much like a drill hole  in my heart. Years later, I graduated from the military service! All!!!  Hooray!!! There were a lot of girls, bars, restaurants. It took 6 years. And then one night I went with a friends in a bar. And I saw her there! With friends ! She came, spoke, spent the evening together in the overall company and twirled. With it, we have three years of marriage! Our son is 2 years old! We are happy! Of course there is sediment in the shower, but it's all in the past. So that's a story! This is our story! Guys never will hold hands, to achieve the desired, and you will be!
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